Note: All my saddles are stamped with the following maker mark ONLY
There will also be a serial number accompanying the maker stamp. If there is ANY¬† stamp other than the above on it, then it’s not one of mine.
We’ve been making saddles and tack for working Montana Ranchers and Cowboys for over 30 years.Coupled with a lifetime of using horses for both work and pleasure, this combined¬†experience allows us to craft a saddle that will please the customer in all ways. We use only the finest materials available-USA tanned skirting, real sheepskin, and the finest rawhide covered trees available.
Your pride in owning a finely crafted custom saddle is surpassed only by our pride in creating it for you. Buying a custom saddle can be a major decision-if you have questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to call or email us.

Any saddle can be personalized with brands, initials,
or even your own unique logo or picture.

Reproduction of a 1900’s era Miles City Saddle-Extra Fine Flower Tooled -Truly a work of art that will appreciate over the years. All of our designs are our own hand drawn originals, making each saddle unique, not a copy of some other saddle.

Extra Fine Full Flower Carved Miles City-Circa 1900

58 Wade Buckaroo Style Saddle, Post Horn, Border Basket Stamped, Taps, flat plate rigging- custom made to your specifications.

58 Wade with Taps

Features combination flower/basketweave tooling, inlayed padded seat and sterling silver trim.

Silver mounted Show/Reining Saddle

Typical Lightweight Trail/Pleasure Saddle, Approx 32 lb. yet still strong enough to rope out of. We use only rawhide covered trees

Typical LiteWeight Pleasure/trail Saddle

Reproduction Circa 1870 Texas Trail Saddle Features Sam Stag rigging and 3/4 seat, Apple horn. We can reproduce saddles and gear from any era.

Reproduction of 1870's Texas Trail Saddle

Reproduction Miles City Saddle-Circa 1900Features loop seat in 8 button style; shovel cantle-just like the original.
Accurate in every detail-we even use the same techniques when making a saddle as was used back then.

DECKER PACK SADDLE- We make and sell a complete line of equipment for the Packer: DECKER & SAWBUCK PACK SADDLES, PANNIERS, SCABBARDS, SADDLEBAGS, HOBBLES, PADS along with rope, scales, feedbags and all the other items the horse camper needs.Our Decker pack saddle is the finest decker available-Heavy Harness leather rigging, #4 duck halfbreed stuffed with “rubberized hair” and rolled britchen & breast collar per Forrest Service specs. Available in horse or mule trees.

We also make sawbuck packsaddles in a variety of tree configurations – call or email us with your needs and questions.